Their way of thinking is much different than the average. Instead of wasting time worrying, they are getting better.


A good mental preparation allows a great physical preparation. Their physical skills are a result of a winner mindset.


If you do the things they do and get prepared like them, you are going to perform like them. Only a better preparation will allow a better performance.


João da Silva
WHY I CREATED THE BLUEPRINT:I was like most of the young athletes that are trying to reach a high level on sports. I had a good talent, I practiced every day, some people told me I was good, but I was not the one who called everyone’s attention. And, as you know, if you want to become a top athlete, you need to outstand from the others. I was trying to become pro, practicing all the time, spending most of time with soccer, but I did not perform the way I wanted to in big games. I felt like I was not using my full potential and I had several thoughts doubting myself if I would make it or not.

Not being confident, not doing the things I had to do, not sustaining a quality focus during practice, being tired all the time, not knowing how to practice on my own… it all had a huge cost. Most of the athletes live with this their entire life, and end up without playing where they wanted to and not using their full potential.

I was going to end up like this, but I decided to start something different. I decided to start studying and copying the strategies of some of the best athletes in the world. It seems pretty obvious, but few people go deeper enough to understand how they think and get mentally prepared. Actually, most of the people do not even care about mental training. Only when I understood this, only when I realized how they think and applied this to my life, I started to feel confident, trust myself, become more motivated, calm under pressure and mentally strong.

If only one of the people who told me to be more confident had told me how to do it, it would much easier. But I understand that all of those people who told me to be more confident had no idea how I could do it. They all think it was just to practice more and that’s it.
Now, I want to share with all the athletes who are really committed to their dreams how they can get a strong mind that will allow them to work harder, be more confident, learn faster, destroy laziness and procrastination. I want to help all the ones who are through the same thing as I did.

If you have a team or a coach, you know that you need to have a better performance. They are teaching and instructing you with many things in your sport. However, every single athlete in the world have/had a coach and a team. Of course, there are some better than others, but not every athlete that Guardiola or Phil Jackson coached became Messi and Kobe Bryant. The reason for that is because the athlete’s mind is what makes him to reach a high level or not. Cristiano Ronaldo did not have all the best conditions to become the best player in the world, nor did Michael Jordan. They had a strong mind; they learned how to shape and control their minds.
How many coaches have taught you how to do it? I bet none, and it is not their role either. This is your responsibility! You need to learn and apply the rules that controls your mind. How many of these drills do you do daily: meditation, self-talk, imagery, setting goals, observing athletes, modeling your game, reinforcing beliefs, strengthening your motivation…?
If you are not willing to learn it, you can continue to live without confidence, feeling you are not prepared, lazy, procrastinating, fearing your future, lacking motivation, making stupid mistakes and not using your full potential.
If you want to start developing your mind like them, this is your chance! I have gathered all of the best drills that the best athletes in the world are using, I created a workbook and I am offering it to you! If you want to get it, continue reading what it is about:



This e-book comes with all the information you need to start thinking and getting mentally prepared like the best athletes in the world. The 24 drills comes divided into three sections: Confidence, Motivation and Keeping Calm. By using the drills, you are going to get a mental preparation like the best athletes in the world and stop feeling unprepared and scared. Confidence and motivation will become part of you.


A lot of books give you a hundred theories about something, but no this one. Here, you are getting the job done. Once you learn what you need to do, you are going to use the workbook to perform these drills. In here you are going to execute the same drills CR7, Djokovic and Phelps do.


In this section, you are going to learn how to become more confident, focused, play without fear, love pressure and start breaking your personal records. This will help you to end with stupid mistakes, looking fool and fearing making mistakes. Only by being confident you can perform at your best level. How would it be to look confident like CR7?


This section will help you to find that inner motivation and to sustain it. Inside this section you are going to read and use drills that will end your laziness, procrastination, increase your energy and willingness to work hard. Michael Jordan impressed his coach with his energy during practice. Do you want to know how is that possible? Check this section!


This section of the Blueprint will help you to keep calm and even like when under pressure. If you had problems with pressure from your friends and coach, you are now learning how to deal with the pressure of a full stadium. This will help you to end with anxiety, nervousness, fear, stupid mistakes and getting embarrassed.


Once you finish the Blueprint, the planning section will help you to schedule your own mental training with your own needs and make the information in the Blueprint help you in your life for a long time. This is not like any book you have ever read; it is going to give you new habits, teach you how to stick to them, change your way of thinking and change the way you perform!


  • For the first time ever, I am giving the “Play in The Zone” as a BONUS! This guide will help you to know which mental state is YOUR best to play, how you can achieve and sustain it during your competition!
  • How do you to play? Do you need to increase or decrease your arousal level? Do you want to feel more or less anxious? This guide will help you with it.
  • Should you listen to music, joke around, have a pep-talk, do visualization or rest before your competition? This guide will help you to understand what you need to do in order to achieve your optimal state
  • Each athlete has a different personality and so each one should have a different pre-game routine! Know how you can get better prepared to have your best performance!!

If you do not improve in 30 days using the Blueprint I will give your money back!

If you use the Blueprint and you do not get the expected results in 30 days, I will give your money back!

Now, you have three options:

  • Play your sport just like everyone else and blame other for your lack of opportunities..
  • Try to find out what makes these athletes so successful. Spend as much or more time and money than I did buying books, going to events, listening to experts and trying to apply all of this.
  • Get the Blueprint and see if it really works. If it is does not, you are getting your money back.

If you want to know more about mental training, you can take these free classes where I teach how  Michael Phelps, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Djokovic get mentally prepared.